Sorry for the delay... There were zombies.


Sorry for the enormous delay in putting up the playlists from the shows, I've been swamped with school stuff, and let's not dwell on exactly why 'Heard it through the grapevine' into the show twice today. (grr...) Suffice it to say I've been having a great fun time in front of the Arrakis over the last few weeks and I'll be back for many more. Keep listening to the music, I'm listening to our friends over at Radio Caroline right now via the interwebs, and thanks to Marvin for reminding me to check out Bjork for next time, I'm always learning about new music from the other (masterful) DJs. Our well will never will run dry as long as the Sun, Earth and audio reproducing things keep spinning!
Welcome back to the folks who were at RadioVision this past weekend! I'll hope to hear about it from Heidi and others soon.
Happy Halloween!!!

Save the dental bills and take Neil's advice and share the terror with a book this Halloween:

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